Why do I bang on about posture?

Posture is something we can see and therefore understand.  Its impact on your body function is, however much more significant than you think.

A lot of research being done looks at how chiropractors can help people with all sorts of problems that may be caused by a breakdown in communication between your brain and your body, like posture. It turns out that spinal function is really important for your brain to know what is going on in and around you.

So, when you see your chiropractor, you can feel secure knowing that the care they provide is backed up by research as well as their clinical experience. But remember your health care is your choice and you can make choices based on your own values and beliefs. And this lies at the heart of evidence-based healthcare.

So, have you seen your family chiropractor lately? If not, go have your brain/body connection fine- tuned, because chiropractic is all about helping you to feel great and to get the most out of life by functioning at your optimal potential!

Watch this video to get an idea of how much your posture can affect you.