What Is Holographic Kinetics?

Holographic Kinetics

By Steph Thommen

As we grow up, we are taught to look outside for validation and recognition. We give responsibility for things we should own to whatever we trust more than ourselves. Over time, giving our power to that institution or person on the outside means we silence our inner knowings, our own private Sat Nav. We dis-empower ourselves. Anyone keen on personal development knows that there are no miracle cures that make “IT” better. Once we accept that, we take charge of “IT” and do the work, personally.

Holographic Kinetics is a modality that supports us as we dig deeper in ourselves to revive our inner voice and regain the power and strength inborn to us.

When on a journey to re-align with your inner voice, you find that even after dealing with several layers of “stuff”, sometimes you get stuck. That layer you dealt with a while back is still there. Holographic Kinetics (HK) is a modality that helps access the root cause of recurring issues and integrate change for good.

HK sees recurring patterns as lessons that we haven’t learnt yet. For anyone one who seeks to grow and improve, it helps clear the old stuff, the energy that got stuck. Life keeps on giving us the opportunity to let go by presenting those lessons until, through our desire to change, we integrate the knowledge and move forward. For example, when you ask yourself: Why do I get so angry about this? Why do I always attract this kind of partner? Why do I keep on agreeing to things I don’t want?

Holographic Kinetics

In an HK session, you access the heart of a lesson, and release the energy trapped. This changes the dynamics in your life and helps your inner voice develop. By practising living from the internal to the external, you acknowledge your own power and become the master of your reality.

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