There are many different ways of adjusting the spine.

The chosen technique will be based on the presentation of the patient, their age and their needs.

The adjustment may be carried out with our hands or with the use of tools such as an activator.

We will always discuss with you which techniques we have chosen so that you are aware of what we will be doing.

Determining the appropriate place to adjust is achieved by neurological examination and muscle testing.


The tests enable the Chiropractor to determine where to adjust and whether the adjustment has had it's desired effect.

There are occasions when the adjustment will be delivered to areas distant to where symptoms may be occurring.

The aim of the adjustment is not to put bones "back into place" or take "pressure off a nerves" but to change the balance of the nervous system that is controlling the muscles that surround the spine.

The restoration of this balance can have far ranging effects both on the presenting symptoms and on the your health.