Richard Southam MSc DC

Richard Southam

MSc DC Chiropractor
Richard Southam Graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 1998. He moved to Cornwall the following year to work at Liskeard Chiropractic Clinic. 10 years later he sold the practice and moved to Dorchester to be closer to family. Richard uses a variety of techniques based around sound neurological testing procedures to assess for and adjust imbalances in the nervous system. Helping the body to heal itself by relieving the stresses brought on by modern day living.
Rebecca Cox

Rebecca Cox

Transform Performance
Rebecca is a Graduate Sports Therapist who studied both BSc Hons Sports Therapy and MSc Strength and Conditioning at Hartpury University. Rebecca has previously worked at chiropractic and sports therapy clinics, a number of semi professional football clubs in the West Country and with her local college sports academy. Rebecca’s work with injuries and rehab whether sports related or not, hold the same principles. Muscle damage from injury, strain, poor posture, repetitive movements or inactivity can cause pain and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system! Rebecca uses a range of techniques including, Sports Massage & soft tissue techniques, Stretching & Strengthening to ensure optimal pain free movement! Rebecca will be offering Sports Massage & Injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation at Aquae Sulis.