Richard Southam MSc DC

Richard Southam

Chiropractor MSc DC
Richard Southam Graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 1998. He moved to Cornwall the following year to work at Liskeard Chiropractic Clinic. 10 years later he sold the practice and moved to Dorchester to be closer to family. Richard uses a variety of techniques based around sound neurological testing procedures to assess for and adjust imbalances in the nervous system. Helping the body to heal itself by relieving the stresses brought on by modern day living.

Nell Nicholson BSc (Hons)

The Pathfinder Sessions
Nell graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy in 2006. As an Occupational Therapist Nell enjoyed running relaxation classes and stress management sessions in the community, hospital and mental health settings. Nell has Reiki attunements and holistic therapy qualifications practised for over 20 years. Nell also holds a HND in Institutional Management and an NVQ in Business Administration. Nell is very experienced, working with patients for both NHS and Social Services, before starting her own holistic business. “We all think of stress as something that we need to live with as part of our busy lives. I've seen and experienced first hand what untreated stress can do and the reality is Stress Damages Your Health! Feelings of overwhelm are signs that you need to step outside your hectic schedule in order to stay well. Simply holding down a job, getting through your mammoth to do list, dealing with poor health and caring for family all push your own self care down that list." Using her unique blend of skills, experience and kindness Nell’s focus is on helping you relax, recover and move forward from the stress of the situations you find yourself in before it becomes damaging, to help you recover from Burn Out and manage Anxiety. Nell offers Reiki, guided relaxation, meditation and advice sessions. Nell also coordinates our therapy centre and supports our therapists.

Jeanette Fay Sexton

Jeanette discovered her passion for holistic and natural therapies in her childhood surrounded by an abundance of nature and the animals they rescued on her grandfathers farmstead in Dorset. Jeanette continued her interest in natural therapies and how they can benefit other methods of treatment, discovering she had a very empathetic and intuitive nature when working with people. It was upon her own diagnosis of a long term health condition that Jeanette truly saw how powerful hypnotherapy can be for a vast range of issues, from managing symptoms to better dealing with stressful appointments. Today Jeanette is fully trained and accredited in clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The areas helped by hypnotherapy are countless, from relaxation sessions to quiet a busy mind, exam nerves and helping to cope with stressful periods of life such as divorce, to anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, depression, insomnia and easing of suffering due to long term or terminal illness. "Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation in which the conscious mind quiets and the subconscious becomes more alert. It is in this relaxed state that your subconscious mind is in a position to receive personalised therapy, new thoughts and information. Despite ‘hypnosis’ deriving from the Greek word for sleep, it is very much different than sleep. You will still be awake and in full control." Jeanette is a member of a large network of hypnotherapists who work together to constantly improve. Jeanette creates unique sessions bespoke to each individual. Jeanette is based at Aqua Sulis, Dorchester, as she greatly respects the professional approach to all treatments available at the clinic. If you would like to discuss how hypnotherapy could help you, please contact Jeanette.
Rebecca Cox

Rebecca Cox MSc

Transform Performance
Rebecca is a Graduate Sports Therapist who studied both BSc Hons Sports Therapy and MSc Strength and Conditioning at Hartpury University. Rebecca has previously worked at chiropractic and sports therapy clinics, a number of semi professional football clubs in the West Country and with her local college sports academy. Rebecca’s work with injuries and rehab whether sports related or not, hold the same principles. Muscle damage from injury, strain, poor posture, repetitive movements or inactivity can cause pain and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system! Rebecca uses a range of techniques including, Sports Massage & soft tissue techniques, Stretching & Strengthening to ensure optimal pain free movement! Rebecca will be offering Sports Massage & Injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation at Aquae Sulis.

Martina Weidner

MW Wellbeing
Martina is a Bowen Technique and Systematic Kinesiology Therapist. Prior to this she travelled the world as cabin crew for 21 years. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in 2014 and consequently having received Bowen and Kinesiology herself and discovering the positive life changing impact that it made to her health she decided to retrain and change career paths. Thanks to her first hand experience and the journey she embraced to restore her health through natural treatments, she wanted to support others to enable them to do the same for themselves. She has a true passion for what she does: “I LOVE 💗 what I do and am so excited to see the positive changes in clients” Martina will be offering Bowen which works on the soft connective tissue (fascia) of the body. It consists of gentle rolling type movements in specific areas with no forceful manipulation. Unique breaks of 2-5 minutes are incorporated into the treatment allowing the body to reset and rebalance itself. It’s a relaxing and gentle treatment to receive. Martina will also be offering is Kinesiology (kin-easy-ology) which uses muscle testing and the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to look at the whole person by applying the MCPE approach: Mind (stress, emotions, thoughts, feelings, trauma) Chemical (water, food intolerances, nutritional supplements, toxins, environmental factors) Physical (structure, muscles, bones, joints, posture, rest, exercise) Energy (life force, chi, acupuncture meridians, auras and chakras) She has also trained in Nutritional Therapy, Applied Myoskeletal Meridian Therapy and is a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor. During lockdown she offered free online self help sessions to support with anxiety and stress. She loves attending seminars as well as learning and thereby adding additional skill sets to her ever expanding toolbox.
Steph Thommen

Steph Thommen

Purposeful Self
Steph Thommen is a holistic life coach and certified Holographic Kinetics practitioner whose purpose is to help others understand themselves so they can live more fulfilling lives. Having found her “Why”, she supports others in their own discovery and share this incredible experience. As a holistic coach, she helps you become more conscious of your mindset, habits and limiting beliefs, challenging them, and supporting the building of strategies that turn past adversity into a future advantage. Going beyond coaching, she uses Holographic Kinetics to identify the root cause of repeating patterns and areas of “stuckness” in your life, releasing the energy behind them and creating a new perspective so you can move forwards more freely.

Rosie Freedman

Psychological Therapy In Practice
Sometimes life can really get us down and it might seem difficult to see a way through. This could be due to: Feeling low, hopeless, lonely, or depressed * Feeling anxious or afraid * Suffering with stress at home and/or in the workplace * Suffering with a long term physical/ mental health condition * Experiencing relationship problems * Loss of a loved one through break-up, divorce, or death * Traumatic events in our past which are still troubling us and preventing us from moving forward * Wanting to change a behaviour (diet, exercise, smoking etc). I can help you to cope with, manage, and improve the issues you face. I am HCPC registered Practitioner Health Psychologist & BPS Chartered Psychologist offering psychological therapy, support, guidance, and consultation, for a wide range of mental health conditions and a variety of long term physical health conditions. I also offer clinical & professional supervision, research, consultancy, and teaching & training services. All of my work will be tailored to you and your needs. To do this I may use an integrative approach to treat you, which means using more than one therapeutic approach. I feel passionately about building a good, positive working alliance between therapist and client; I feel this is essential in helping one to feel comfortable, listened to, and helped.
Arthur is a friendly black labrador

Arthur Southam

Lab Assistant
Arthur is the youngest member of our team but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasm. Arthur works with Richard and makes sure everyone gets a warm welcome. He particularly likes Mornings, Muddy puddles, Food, Ball Games, Treats, Dinner, Treats, Walks, Treats, Sniffs, Anyone with Treats, Everyone Else ...not necessarily in that order.

Aquae Sulis Therapy Centre

Therapy Rooms
If you are a Therapist and would like to find out more about the support and opportunities we offer we would love to hear from you. Do give Nell a bell! You can also contact her through our sister website using the links below.