What is your philosophy about health?

It must fall into one of these two categories.

The Pathologic Philosophy

This is broadly addressed by mainstream health care. It can be described as a system of a prevention and early detection of disease with a passive fear dominant strategy.

What does this jargon mean?!

We are encouraged to have various measurements of our body made; blood pressure, breast exam, prostate exam etc, and then treated to prevent death.  We are all worried about the consequences of the diseases if they are not discovered early enough and submit to the appropriate treatment recommended by the Doctor.

The Salutogenic Philosophy

This model aims at maximising our own potential (Chiropractic describes this as our innate).  This is achieved through an active empowerment strategy where the therapist is involved in a lifetime process of helping the individual through their lifetime goals.

In other words helping the individual seek out their optimum level of health and wellbeing and that of their community (family, friends, and colleagues). We educate so that better lifestyle decisions can be made.

In essence we look for causes of health not causes of disease.

What is your philosophy?  which would you chose if you were not aware you had one?
What do you think that the benefits or risks of the different philosophies are?
Do you think that you need to change?

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