Helen Ross

Helen Ross

Registered nutritionist and gut health specialist Helen Ross helps people who suffer with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) return to living normal lives without frustrating and embarrassing symptoms. Her practice grew out of years of studying to resolve the root cause of her own gut health issues.

Based on what worked for her, Helen created a simple approach, one, that after a comprehensive assessment, is then tailored to the individual, as each case is different and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for everyone.

Helen has worked as a nutritionist and a cook for retreat companies, whilst also setting up and running The Well Life Lab, which includes a nutrition clinic, cooking workshops, online programmes, and day retreats. She has a passion for cooking delicious and healthy food and loves teaching others how to easily incorporate anti-inflammatory foods into their diets. Her mission is to inspire others to ditch heavily processed and junk food and embrace the art of cooking real food from scratch.

Now based in Bridport in Dorset, she’s been consulting since 2018, including face-to-face in Bridport and Dorchester, and online, she has helped hundreds of individuals regain balance with their diet, optimise their health, and manage their lifestyle using sustainable and easily implemented approaches.

“I was on a mission to understand why I would struggle with painful symptoms, and which foods were the culprits in my bloating and digestive issues. There was a minefield of information online, which was not always helpful and often contradictory.”

Helen has recently published a cookbook titled ‘The Simple Gut ReSet Cookbook’ which is available on Amazon.