First Visit

When you first visit our practice you will be warmly received by either our front desk staff, what we call a CA, or by the Chiropractor.

You will first be asked to fill in some paperwork (basic contact and health information), unless you have already done this online.

Following this the Chiropractor will take you through to his office and explain to you what is going to take place during the first visit.

  • History
  • Basic health MOT
  • Examination – both neurological and Chiropractic tests

On this visit you may be asked to wear a gown. If you are uncomfortable with this please tell us and we will discuss the alternatives.

The Chiropractor does not always adjust on the first visit. This enables him to carefully consider the results of the examination and the best plan of management for you or to gather more information before starting care.

If you are in pain then we will give you advice on what you can do to help before your first visit.

Report of Findings

The Chiropractor will run through the findings of the examination with you. He will then propose a plan of care based on these findings and how he expects your body to heal based on experience.  He will also give you an idea of cost.

He will discuss with you the risks of Chiropractic adjustments, the benefits and what is likely to happen in the future should you decide not to start care.

The Chiropractor will then adjust the levels of the spine and / or extremities that have been found to have Chiropractic Subluxations and confirm the adjustments have been successful by re-examining you.


After the adjustments you will be rechecked to see if the adjustments have been successful. Normal visits are carried out fully clothed. Where possible we advise wearing appropriate clothing for the visits.

Future Visits

Further adjustments will be carried out over the agreed period of time until the review date.

At this time you will be asked how you feel you are, in relation to your presenting problems and general health. A full re-examination will take place and the results compared to your initial findings.

The stage of care reached and the benefits of continuing care will be discussed. A new review date will be chosen and further adjustments will be made.


These reviews can be considered as snap shots of your life that take into account the chemical, physical and emotional stresses that you are going through and how your body is responding to your care. Based on these results you will hopefully be able to make better lifestyle decisions.

Optimal Function/Wellness care

We recommend some form of continuing care for all our patients to help improve their health status.

Our lead Chiropractor, Richard Southam, has been receiving regular Chiropractic adjustments now for over 25 years and he regularly adjusts his family to maintain the balance of their nervous systems.

Research is showing that some form of ongoing care can have a wide range of effects on health. Please see our research section for some examples.

Acute care

On going care is not for all. We have a lot of patients who attend for symptomatic relief from their aches and pains.

Whatever you decide is best for you we will support you. Our interest is in your health and in supporting you in any way that you feel meets your needs.