Chiropractic is not just for humans

In the middle of a shift my receptionists had a call from one of our patients who had a sheep who was in distress. He asked whether I adjusted sheep!
Not a question we get asked often!
Between patients i was asked whether i would have a look at this sheep. Wy not?
So later that morning the lamb arrived in a plastic box. it appeared to be paralysed from the waist down. I did a few “neurology” tests and decided that the best course of action was to adjust. Well I am a Chiropractor. What else would i do.
A couple of days later the lamb came in again for its “report of findings” visit. There appeared to be some improvement. the rear legs were moving again and the lamb was trying to get up on its legs.
ver the next few weeks we continued to adjust and the lamb fully recovered.
It would get out of the farmers pickup, trot down to the back of the practice to receive its next adjustments and then head back off to the truck again. All this in the middle of a full shift, with patients hanging out of the windows watching. It became quite a star!
So along with lots of humans, a few dogs and a number of horses i also had a sheep on my books.
To say that we had fun in practice is an understatement.