Ruth Mitchell

Our Chi therapist Ruth Mitchell

That which lies beneath human emotions and behaviours has always fascinated me. As has the psycho spiritual side of life. As an ‘energy sensitive’ I truly believe my illness was sent to set me on my ‘Jinjeonghan Gil’ - which means ‘True Path’ in Korean. Becoming a Chi Master has given me the ability to integrate all that I am, and it is now my privilege to share all that I am with you, to restore and regenerate you to your next level.

A Chi re-energising treatment works on a physical, emotional and mental level. It is a combination of acupressure, massage, energy and sound that releases blockages, restores balance and regenerates your energy. By tuning in to your body's own innate wisdom and acting as a conduit for life-force energy, I direct energy where it needs to go. I work on all the main energy meridians and acupressure points to release blockages, as well as bringing balance to the the cranial-brain/heart-brain/gut-brain axis, to leave you feeling restored and regenerated.