Poor Posture and Heart Disease

Poor posture increases the risk of coronary heart disease by 64%. Termites silently destroy the foundation of thousands of unsuspecting homes every year. Termites accounted for more home damage costs in Florida than all weather-related damages combined. Silent and disastrous termite destruction happens gradually over time and usually unbeknownst to the home owner until after Continue reading »

The Stress Response

So what is the stress response. What is it for and how does it impact on our current health? The stress response is the mechanism by which the body changes its physiology (our normal functigons) in response to a challenge, be it chemical, physical or emotional. But why would the body have to change? Let Continue reading »

Pathologic Vs Salutogenic. Which is your health care choice?

What is your philosophy about health? It must fall into one of these two categories. The Pathologic Philosophy This is broadly addressed by mainstream health care. It can be described as a system of a prevention and early detection of disease with a passive fear dominant strategy. What does this jargon mean?! We are encouraged Continue reading »

Welcome to our new Website

Well I have finally had my website updated. I hope that you will like the new format and find it easy to navigate. This new blog should, hopefully, be a regular addition to the site bringing you up to date items of interest. For you and your family. So till then. Adios Richard