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We Are Open Again

Aquae Sulis Chiropractic is now open for Business.

We are working under certain restrictions as dictated by government. These restrictions are changing on a regular basis as the risks to the spread of the virus decrease.

We are also making sure, by the use of appropriate PPE and cleaning in the practice that the risks to you, my staff and myself are minimised.

I am working on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you wish to make an appointment please call me so that we can discuss your health issue prior to your visit to ensure that it is appropriate for you to attend.



UCA Covid advisory

Is Chiropractic for you?

Chiropractic has an excellent reputation for helping with conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines, extremity issues.

But how does it work?

Chiropractic looks for the imbalances and breakdowns in communication from your nervous system to your body.  These issues lead to a reduced level of health and, eventually, dis-ease and symptoms.

Adjustments to the spine and extremities correct these imbalances, allowing the nervous system to control the body more efficiently, leading to improved health with a subsequent reduction in dis-ease and symptoms.

So basically we help you to heal yourself.

Special Web offers

During August we are offering the initial consultation for £25 (usually price £45).

Also Free Chirochecks to see if you are suitable for Chiropractic care.

Click below for more details of what the offer entails.


A Chiropractor, Dr Heidi Haavik, is researching how spinal adjustments alter brain function. We are at a turning point in the research behind what Chiropractor know. and will be following developments over the next few years.

Online Booking

If you wish to make an online booking please click the button below




Good advice

We try to provide the best advice possible to our patients. To keep our knowledge up to date we regularly attend courses and keep up to date with current research.

We have an extensive list of contacts, in Dorchester, for other complementary and alternative therapists. If we are unable to help you we will try to give you an idea of who may.

Do you have a problem?

We want to help you. Please call us on:

Dorchester: 01305 263542 or 07775 510240

Or book online through our bookings page.

Schedule your free, no obligation Chirocheck today.

After an extensive examination we will clearly explain what we have found and what we can do to help and how much care is likely to cost.

Your health is the most important thing that you own. How much is it worth to you?

Richard Southam MSc DC MRCC Chiropractor

Richard Southam MSc DC
Aquae Sulis Chiropractor

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